The Finance Sector Non-Executive Directors Forum (“The NED Forum”) was formed in 2011. Encouraged by its initial success the decision was taken to move to a formal footing in 2012. As such a company limited by guarantee has been incorporated which is a not-for profit organisation. A copy of the Constitution can be found in the Member’s Area.

It was decided from the outset that the NED Forum would be an independent body which both reflects the independent nature of the NED role and removes possible bias when representing members’ views. Sponsorship will be sought to assist with running costs, but the NED Forum will always maintain the highest standards of corporate governance including the avoidance of conflicts of interest. As such members will be asked to contribute financially as appropriate.

The initial Executive Committee comprises the following individuals:

Martin Tolcher

Steve Hogg

Tina Torode

Helen Green
Alex Horsbrugh- Porter
Andrew Lindsay
Peter Mills
Peter Moffatt
George Riley